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One of the key issues that we have found is that those who have served our Country struggle with the increasing costs of a funeral and all three significant service organisations plus representations from serving organisations have raised issues with having to fund funerals and we have not only listened to these concerns, but we personally have taken action and contacted Independent Funeral Directors across the UK and they have made a commitment to offer funerals for those who serve and have served and their families at a special discounted rate as a way of thanking them for their service to our Country. 

These are only available through referral from our service and we want to expand awareness now and on an ongoing basis. By offering a fair priced funeral option for service families and ex-service people, we are taking a positive step to avoid funeral poverty and provide sound help to ensure every funeral is accessible and affordable

We have been able to secure the full cremation packages with everything included less than the more corporate companies  across the Country which is a significant saving on the corporate funeral directors who are known to charge higher rates at a time when you are at your lowest ebb.  We work with outstanding independent funeral directors across the UK who deliver amazing ceremonial funerals for veterans at affordable prices and we have nothing but the greatest respect for these funeral directors who have made a commitment to support the services in such a positive way. We do not benefit financially from these referrals.

We can also advise on Burials, Burials at Sea, Cremations and other styles of services. We have also successfully campaigned with local councils to bring to an end unattended Paupers Funerals/Public Health Funerals for Veterans and turn these into respectable funerals where we arrange attendance and full acknowledgement of the persons service history as part of the funeral service.

If you would like information about a Veterans Funeral where you live, please call us at any time and we can put you in touch with the funeral director who is on our database and whom we recommend and negotiate the price for you

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