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When someone who has served in one of the Armed Forces passes away there is often a time when those left behind read about how and where they served, the regiments and how they would like to be remembered.


We will work with you to ensure that their military service is reflected in every aspect of the funeral from the planning with the funeral director, the ceremonial aspects and the content for the order of service as well.   We can also advise on the final resting place of the remains of your loved one and any inscription on memorial plaques also.


We can contact the regiment or unit in which your loved one served, to arrange a letter of condolence, a regimental poppy wreath, standard bearers and a coffin drape, dependent on the level of ex-service funeral that you would like. In some cases, we can also arrange for service bearers and guards of honour – again all dependent on your wishes and availability. We also arrange Buglers or a Piper depending on your wishes

The aspects of the ceremonial parts of the funeral that we can organise with you and the funeral director include:

  • Arrangement for the attendance of standard bearers
  • Coffin Drapes
  • Buglers
  • Pipers
  • Guard of Honour
  • Specialist Celebrants
  • Special Order of Services
  • Contact with the regiment

We believe that we can ensure that the wishes of your loved one are met in a dignified way to the highest standards and this will then leave you with positive memories that will be engraved in your hearts and minds forever.


We work with funeral directors across the UK and Ireland to ensure that the funeral of a Veteran is affordable as possible and has the ceremonial added at no extra cost to you.   

As part of the ceremonial that we organise at no cost!  we will

  • work with the funeral director so that they know what to expect at the funeral
  • work with the crematorium so that the numbers attending are managable and not affect other funerals
  • work and coordinate attendance with the ex-service organisations and services
  • give your family details of what is arranged so that they know what to expect
  • get permission from the family to make these arrangements

Our one stop service is available 7 days a week - we just need the following details to make it happen

  • Name and age of the deceased
  • Regiment, length of service and service number
  • Date and Time of funeral
  • Location of the funeral
  • Name of the funeral director

We are no longer able to arrange for the attendance of Legion standard bearers at funerals due to changes in there policies. But we will continue to work with the other Ex-Service Organisations

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